Privacy Policy

1. Confidentiality and protection of personal information

1.1 When registering on the Site, the Client provides the Company with the following data: email address, phone number, eating habits, physical data, behaviour habits. The Company has the right to use this information to fulfil its obligations to the Client. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

1.2 The company uses the information:

  • to register the Client on the Site;
  • to fulfil their obligations to the Client;
  • to evaluate and analyse the work of the Site;
  • to determine the winner in promotions held by the Companies.

1.3 By providing personal data when registering on the site, the Client gives the Company voluntary consent to the processing and use of personal data in accordance, for the purposes determined by the Company, as well as for the purpose of promoting by the Company its services, in various ways, including through automated analysis personal data, as well as their transfer to third parties and cross-border transfer, without limitation of the validity period. This consent can be revoked only upon notification of the Company in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

1.4 The Company undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Client. The provision by the Company of information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Company for the fulfilment of obligations to the Client is not considered a violation. It is not considered a violation of obligations to disclose information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements. The company has the right to use the “cookies” technology. “Cookies” do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties. The company receives information about the ip-address of the website visitor. This information is not used to establish the identity of the Client, except in cases of fraudulent actions by the Client.

1.5 If the Client does not want his personal data to be processed, then he must contact the Customer Support Service of the Company by sending an email to In this case, all information received from the Client (including login and password) is deleted from the Company’s client base, while the Client will not have access to the Site and the ability to place orders.

1.6 The Company is obliged not to disclose the Client’s data to third parties, except for cases when they act on the basis of a concluded contract with the Company in order to fulfil the Company’s obligations to its Client and when the obligation of such disclosure is established by the requirements of the law.

1.7 The Company is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Site in a public form.

1.8 The client is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data transferred to the Company.

1.9.Your privacy is critically important to us. Going forward with the GDPR we aim to support the GDPR standard. Site permits residents of the European Union to use its Service. Therefore, it is the intent of the Company to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation. For more details please see here: